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The main purpose of running a blog is to give informative content to the audience. So, if you have posted good content in your site, then you are likely to get more benefits. So, how to make the audience to stay in your site for more time? The following lines will reveal the truth.

1] Learn the writing style

First you must learn how to create a blog content. Your content should be simple to understand and in an easy language. Also discuss only on valid and authentic information. Your content should be well written and free from grammatical and spelling errors. The content should be written in conversational manner. This means the reader should feel that you are sitting in front of him and explaining you something. You are likely to get both positive and negative comments on your blog. Answer every comment politely whether it is positive or negative. This helps you to create fresh content for your reader.


2] Choose the topic to satisfy your reader

The choice of the topic should not be the one that you like most. Sit in the place of your reader and write the content that they expect. You could have seen many questions raised by the readers in forum sites. Keep these queries as your title and create your article. Readers love to spend more time in blogs that solves their problem through informative content.

3] Create popular content links in the same page of your main content

Most of the blogs use WordPress platforms and with this tool you can easily create links. Post similar contents below the main article which not only attracts your readers but also the search engine robots. When readers stay in your blog for more time, the bounce rate of your site gets reduced.

4] Create an impressive and professional looking blog

Definitely, the appearance of your blog is also one of the key factors to make the readers stay in your site. If your blog is dumped with too many advertisements in the side bar or your blog shows frequent pop-up messages, then 50% of the readers click the back button even without going through the content. Also give importance to the design and font size of the content. Your blog should have professional look with apt images. Since, the blogs run on WordPress Platform it is easy to tweak your site on your own. You can also approach a professional to design your blog if you are new to this web world. The first impression should be great and readers show interest in blogs that looks professional.

Undoubtedly, blogs are visited by many genuine readers. So, if your blog is created keeping the following the points in mind, then more readers are likely to visit your site. Readers show interest in blogs that frequently makes updates in its sites. So, try to provide fresh information at least weekly once. Update the content with current news. It is not a one day work to popularize your blog. This is a continuous process that should be followed until you are in this online business.

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