byAlma Abell

In Texas, clients review several options for removing eyebrow hairs and achieving the preferred shape. The options include tweezing, waxing, and threading. Among the procedures, Brow Threading in Austin TX presents fewer risks and more benefits.

What is Brow Threading?


Brow threading begins with an alcohol cleansing of the entire brow area. Next, the threads are twisted and pulled through the area in which the hair will be removed. The hairs are pulled out by the follicles. The technicians won’t use any chemicals to remove the hair. The process won’t pull the skin or cause pain.

What are the Advantages?

The major advantages start with no pain, and the hairs are removed strategically. The process is all natural and won’t involve the use of any chemicals that could harm the skin or cause irritation. The technicians can reshape the eyebrows in a matter of seconds without any burning or tweeze. It is highly effective and beneficial for clients with sensitive skin. The technique won’t present any sudden changes in the skin that could produce acne or abrasions that lead to infection. The hair can be any length and is still removed effectively.

Who Shouldn’t Undergo the Procedure?

The Brow Threading in Austin TX process isn’t recommended for any clients who have undergone cosmetic surgery recently. Any client who has undergone cosmetic procedures should wait at least one month to acquire the procedure. If their surgery was complex or involved the eyes, they should wait at least six weeks.

How Often Should Clients Receive the Treatment?

The technicians explain how often the clients should undergo the treatment again based on how fast their hair grows back. Since the hairs are removed by the roots, clients can wait longer than they would after a waxing.

In Texas, brow threading is a pain-free option for reshaping the eyebrows. The procedure is performed at an accelerated rate and removes the hairs from the roots. The regrowth process is slower than it is with most removal options. The procedure is even beneficial for removing peach fuzz from the eyebrows. Clients who want to learn more about Brow Threading in Austin TX contact Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar for more information now.