By Star Smith

I bet you’re sick and tired of carrying around those extra pounds, that’s understandable. Just ten pounds of extra fat on the body can affect the way you feel physically and mentally. While losing weight fast is possible, you want to make sure that you are following a good plan that will keep you healthy.

Shedding more than one or two pounds a week can lead to health problems. While TV programs like The Biggest Loser regularly show their overweight contestants losing huge amounts of weight each week, keep in mind that those people are closely supervised by medical professionals, plus the show is heavily edited, so you don’t know if it took longer for them to lose all that weight.

I’m sure it’s tempting to try and copy that type of rapid weight loss, but you’re much better off focusing on one or two pounds per week. That way, you won’t put yourself under a lot of pressure to lose xx amount of pounds rapidly. The reality is that if you don’t reach those big numbers, you’ll probably just give up and think that you’re a failure.

Here’s some sensible ways that you can safely drop those pounds:

Eat Breakfast

A lot of people trying to lose weight assume that if they skip breakfast that means that they are going to drop weight more quickly. Actually, this is false, because when you eat breakfast in the morning, your body will burn more calories at a higher rate.


Go Low-Cal with Fast Food

Sometimes you’re in a rush and simply have to stop by the fast food place for a bite to eat. This can be your worst temptation. The eating habits you have followed for so long can lure you into going the old burgers and fries route.

However, you can still eat healthy in this situation. Go ahead and order a salad, or grilled chicken sandwich, a healthy sub, fruit, yogurt, etc.

Eating a healthier lunch will make you feel energized instead of sluggish.

Go for a Walk

Studies show that 90% of people who lose weight and gain it back do not exercise regularly. Walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that you can do in the morning, during break, at lunchtime or in the evening.

Keep an extra pair of sneakers with you in the car or in your workplace so you can quickly go out for a brisk, refreshing walk. You’ll not only keep the pounds off, but you’ll be amazed at how exhilarated you feel afterwards.

Don’t Munch While Watching TV

Put away those snacks when you go to watch your TV shows. You’re way more likely to gain extra pounds by sitting in front of the TV set munching on a bowl of ice cream or bag of cookies. Don’t try to convince yourself that you’ll just have a little bit, because you know that by the time your shows end, one cookie will have turned into a whole bag.

Instead, try doing something else with your hands like doodling, sketching, coloring, knitting, folding socks, writing in your journal, petting your dog or cat, etc.

Drink Water

Carry around a water bottle with you. If you do feel the urge to snack or eat something fattening, you can grab your water and take a nice long drink. Water fills you up and curbs your appetite. Plus, it’s good for you too.

I hope these tips are helpful and I wish you much success in reaching your weight loss goals.

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