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Internet users may send an unlimited number of greetings to friends, family and business associates with free cost e-greetings.

Cyberspace is used as sending electronic messages and greeting cards. An e-greeting card is like a handshake. It is an extremely well-mannered act that connects one person to another. Just as a handshake gives you clues about the person, e-greeting offers clues about the sender’s current state of affairs. You can read an electronic greeting card but you can’t savor it like a real one.

Indian festival season is a time to spread joy and warmth, so brighten someone’s day by sending wishes with an e-greeting. Whether you are looking for funny Christmas cards, Victorian holiday greetings or New Year’s Day cards, just remember that some of the web’s best holiday Christmas cards found at santabanta.com are totally free.

The Sender may choose from hundreds of greetings from humorous to sentimental and from simple to hi-fi designed. Many choices are animated and all can be personalized to send just that perfect message. Card choices are categorized to make selection a breeze and the greeting can be sent immediately.


Its fun and it’s free!

Santabanta.com believes that giving is better than receiving.

Santabanta.com is the largest Indian Punjabi website and one of the leading entertainment websites in the world. It specializes in humor, wallpapers, e-cards. It s an excellent online entertainment portal, catering to different tastes. When you visit Santabanta.com, you enter the home of Santa and Banta, the two characters that are now synonymous with Punjab and Punjabi humor. However, humor is only one of the facets of santabanta. A very exciting section that santabanta specializes in is the e card section.

This is a free E-card section, specially brought to the users of the website.

Once you visit this section, you will find high quality flash e-cards for each and every occasion.


flash e-cards

are available for you to send to your friends and loved ones whenever you remember them. Is there a festival coming up? Well, Santabanta e cards are what you are looking for. Is it your brother, sister, parents or friends birthday? Why look any further? Browse for the apt card at this website. Look for e-greetings when you want to wish someone on their graduation. And our designers excel in special effects and animations in

e-greeting cards.

To cater to your needs for sending flash cards for furthering love and romance or for weddings, thank you, or holidays, santabanta is the portal to visit.

There’s more to santabanta.com than Christmas cards. Whether you’re looking to send a birthday card, anniversary or “Just thinking about you” greeting, santabanta makes it easy to send a free ecard to that special person in your life and put a smile on their face.

From the entire staff of santabanta, we hope you and your family have a safe and happy time of reflection.

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