byAlma Abell

What is freight?

Also known as cargo, these are products or goods that are delivered for commercial purposes. The term used to refer to goods being transported by a ship. These days, freight refers to the commercial transportation of products or goods in various ways. It could be through land, with the use of container trucks or by air, along with other modes of transportation.

Freight often calls to mind the delivery of goods in bulk, with air freight and freight shipments. For shipments, the goods are first categorized into several shipment categories before transport, LinkedIn Pulse says. Categories usually include express and household goods along with parcel and freight shipments.


What is shipping?

Shipping is used to refer to the transportation of goods by sea and often includes commercial and non-commercial shipments. While shipments typically entail bulk items, the volume of goods being transported are smaller than those delivered via freight.

Difference between the two?

Freight is often designated as the preferred method for commercial shipments. Shipping, on the other hand, is typically known to handle both commercial and non-commercial deliveries.

Cost of the two?

Freight is the less expensive option out of the two. That’s because it costs less to send over items in bulk. Freight, used for shipping smaller amounts, will cost you more.

What’s full truckload freight shipping?

This means you have enough products to fill up the truck. That or you can fill up a dedicated truck with your deliveries, whether through freight and shipping. With Full Truckload Freight Shipping, you won’t have to waste any space in the truck. You maximize every available square inch, which means bigger cost savings for you.

Reasons to choose full truckload

Not only is Full Truckload Freight Shipping the much more economical option over LTL or partial truckload shipping, it’s also the best way to ship any delicate or high-risk items. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, take a solid look at this one.