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There is a common belief in India that hair loss is something that comes from the mothers side of the family, this concept regarding the balding, is also prevalent in many other countries. But many hair loss experts and trichologist /medical experts are now in agreement that both sides of the family have a strong influence in the gift to their offspring with regards to baldness, thinning hair and that to in the same degree for male pattern baldness and also female pattern baldness.

Although genetic hair loss may seem like a curse, it is not. He inherited his family and passed down from generation to generation. You may experience male pattern baldness at the age of 27 years, but your twin brother, maybe not! It is very strange to see how the gene travels through the family. But the fact is: no. Genetic hair loss occurs mainly in men, but can also occur in a small number of women choose.

This type of hair loss is inherited through genetics genes of a mother. With the genetic cause hair loss baldness is not the hair falls out, but the body’s inability to produce more hair. This is because hair follicles go through their normal 25 cycles in a very short time. This causes hair follicles to stop producing much earlier than normal.


The reason for this is called baldness is that baldness is a distinctive style. The first men may notice a receding hairline, then gradually large patches of baldness, the hair around the crown of the head is thinned. Typically, the remaining hair on the sides of the head. Females, however, bat differently from genetic hair loss. A woman’s hair slowly thin throughout the scalp. Finally, will result in baldness.

It seems that even the genetic hair loss which is otherwise affected by the hormone testosterone. This is because it has proven to be true that men who do not produce testosterone do not undergo genetic hair loss. As in females who experience hair loss, most women suffer hair loss after menopause. It is perhaps because their estrogen levels declined, leaving them more vulnerable to the effects of testosterone.

Since hair fall and hair thinning is a pretty common problem, many families can be identified with people who aren’t experiencing hair problems and still their parents may be thinning and having hair loss problems. So in conclusion it is not so easy to trace the source. If the source was easy then Hair Thickening Products and hair thinning products would also address this issue in correcting any imbalaces.

Today there are many plasma based research companies that are exploring the in detail hair loss issue and PRP is becoming the buzz word among many Indian hair loss scientists and doctors. This kind of research within the hair fall and hair loss industry is proving to be very progressive and the innitial reports suggest that the hair loss doctors are on to something big.

Hair Thickening Products are extremely innovative and you will find the latest in hair loss technology and hair care research applied to the products.

The hair loss fibres , the nanofibres are extremely beneficial when it come to immediate hair thickening and hair building. The appearance of balding is gone in an instant, and the hair camoflage is completely undetectable. If its your mums side or your dads side nanogen is always on your side.

It all comes down to the luck of the draw, and you can no longer simply blame dad s dad for your hair loss.

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