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Online photo tools have made it easier to edit photos with all kinds of fantastic effects. For example, You can turn a photograph into black and white, or change it into painting effect. At times, maybe you want to crop the image, rotate it or change the effect altogether before sharing it with friends and family. You’ll need a photo converter to edit your photos.

Photo Genius is a kind of powerful picture processing software which is featured by its powerful filter effects such as charcoal, black &white, sepia, etc. It’s capable of setting the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color balance, etc of the picture. It also supports to add annotations such as comment and date, and watermark to the picture. Moreover, it has support for conversion between over 100 formats, including those not usually used.

With Photo Genius, you can do:

Alter Brightness and Contrast


One of the things to do with such software is to change the brightness and contrast of your portrait. If you are unhappy with dark photos or extremely bright pictures, you can convey a more satisfactory output by altering the brightness and contrast with photogenius. Adding a photo in the software, you then choose brightness and contrast as the filters, adjust the effect with the existing option till you are satisfied, then click the processing button to produce the new picture.

Sharpen and Blur Tools

One of the very popular and fun photo editing techniques in the field is sharpening the focus of a portrait or blurring some elements in the picture to emphasize the center of attraction. You don not have to buy an expensive and powerful digital camera to achieve an exceptional photo where the subject is focused while the surrounding elements are blurry. Using the sharpen and blur tool in this software you can achieve the effect you desire. It permits you to make your photos appear like those taken by professional photographers. And it is as easy as above.


Today people like to add text or small icons on pictures as watermarks. Doing this can protect the photo from illegal use, and also show who is the author of it. Sometimes, you can also use this function to write some sweet words on photos as a gift to people. They would be quite happy when they receive a picture with your lovely words on it.

A good photo editing tool, like Photo Genius, of course, will not only include above features. There are many more filters and effects. Adding different filters together will also create special effect, which will greatly increases your choices. But you will need to check the result yourself before you make the purchase. There is always trial version on the official website for downloading.

A third party photo converter will solve above problems for you. Usually, such software will support a vast range of formats and be able to convert pictures between any formats. Most of them also offer batch processing function; you can add a folder in the software, set the requirements, and then, it will process the conversion automatically without your care. You will be amazed at its fast speed and outstanding effect.

Here I recommend Photo Genius to be your first choice. It is not only a photo converter, but also a best photo editing tool. 40 filters are offered to help make your photos nice and fantastic. You will find it quite easy to use, and very helpful. You can get the photo converter on this website— http://www.photo-genius.com, a free trial is always offered.

About the Author: The Photo Genius is the best photo editing software, with it, you can easily convert photos or pictures to any formats you want to get, such as convert BMP to JPEG, convert PNG to JPEG, and you can put them on you Phones or MP4, etc.More information:




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