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Peter Romanov

There used to be times when cars were only meant for rich people. The world has changed. Lots of us can afford a car and insurance to go with it. Insurance has become a vital importance for car owners. English have become addicted to norms and depended on means of security. England has lots of big posh cities with their elegant cars and expensive-looking drivers. These cities dictate the rules and require the obedience. Leeds car insurance can be portrayed as any of those being a compulsory requirement.

Leeds is a beautiful English city that sees thousands of brand new, used and old cars on the streets of it every single day that goes by. Drivers of different ethnics, age, civil state and belief need to get somewhere – work, school, or home. Not of all those know the driving rules perfectly well or obey them at some point on the road. Accidents on the streets of Leeds are not very frequent, but still they do happen. Fortunately, everybody has automobile insurance to cover the costs of the damages.


Sometimes it gets you thinking “Why do I need to get my car insured? I live close to work and hardly drive anywhere. I am a perfect driver with a very good driving score. Why do I have to pay?” Okay, let’s take it from another angle. You may be a responsible, clever driver that is all eyes on the road. But how can you be responsible for somebody else’s actions on the road. It takes more than one car that belongs to you to make the auto congestion on the road. So you never know what might happen. The only thing you can possibly do is take care of your car by means of car insurance.

There are many insurance companies in Leeds. Some of them are better than the others. Most of them will give you a choice of two basic insurance types. Leeds car insurance just like automobile insurance in other corners of England can be divided into categories – full coverage and semi-coverage. This totally depends on the amount of money you have, on your confidence on the road and other factors that each and everyone points out for himself. Full coverage gives you the possibility to stay worry-less for a longer period of time. The semi-coverage that will only cover your losses in cases mentioned in the contract. “Fully comprehensive” insurance will pay all the expenses even when both of the cars – yours and the car of the second Party need reparations.

There is also such thing as excess. Excess is the set amount you pay of any claim. If the reparations are worth 1000 pounds and your agreed excess is 250 pounds, the company pays the 750 pounds left. The excess works together with the premium, so it means the higher excess is the lower the premium will be. You can decide on your excess yourself when you arrange your insurance contract. But don’t think it is all so dull. Your car insurance can be cheap. With the help of car insurance quotes and information collected from insurers you will be able to compare prices and offers in order to find yourself cheap car insurance.

The most important thing is to look at your Leeds car insurance as if it is your safety control panel, not a curse you are obliged to tolerate. Insurance is the key to a safe secure day of tomorrow.

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