You might have thought when your boyfriend broke up with you, the relationship was over, but he keeps staying in touch with you. He doesn’t want to date, he just chats about this and that, but never mentions getting back together. This might have you confused, but you need to understand what he might have in mind.

What to do when your ex boyfriend keeps calling you has more to do with what you want. If you are still in love with him, it can be a way of staying in his life and eventually getting him back. If you are done with him, it would be better to discourage his calling and move on. Your ex might be having second thoughts about the breakup, but if you don’t want him back, it would be cruel to encourage him.

Another reason he could be staying in touch with you is to give you encouragement. Your ex boyfriend might be wanting to use you as a backup. His purpose is to keep you around while he goes out and dates other women. If nothing works out, he will have you waiting to take him back. This is great for him, but will lead to loneliness and frustration for you.


As long as he can keep you on a string, you will never get your ex boyfriend back. He knows where you are and what you are doing, so why should he give up his freedom? But, you won’t have your freedom. You will hang around the house because you don’t want to miss one of his calls. By always being there when he calls, you are telling him you are his whenever he wants you.

The problem is, men never want a woman that is too easy. What you may not realize is, you are in control here. That is why he keeps calling and making sure you are still hanging around waiting for his calls. But what if you suddenly stop taking his phone calls, or answering his emails and text messages? Your boyfriend’s attitude toward you would change immediately.

Take a vacation or a trip to visit relatives and friends. Just disappear and not be available to him. When he doesn’t now where you are or what you are doing, it will make him realize, you might have found someone else. Your ex boyfriendwill wake up to the fact that he misses you and doesn’t want to lose you.

When you make an ex boyfriend face up to either losing you or getting serious about the relationship again, it won’t take him long to make a choice. If he loves you, he will come begging you to take him back.

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