Submitted by: Keith Matthew

Stop what you re doing and look around at where you re sitting this moment.

Now look in the direction of your boss s office.

So here s my question:

why are you sitting where you are and NOT where your boss is sitting?

Ok, fine..maybe you don t have a boss are you an entrepreneur? Well then ask yourself the same question:

Why am I sitting where I am now and NOT where I want to be?

I get emails every day from people saying they re unemployed or making $30k, $60k, $100k a year but they really want to be making $__________.

So, why aren t you?


I have an idea why: because we need to practice Creating Space .

Keith, have you gone nuts? You can t create space .

Yes, you absolutely CAN. Here s what I mean

The present You cannot fill the shoes of the you that makes 3x as much income, loves 9x more deeply, and achieves 39x more on a daily basis.

The new and improved you looks, acts and moves differently.

The new and improved you sees the world differently and makes different choices throughout the day.

Let s get this straight: there s nothing WRONG with the present you. We simply need to Create Space because the improved you is bigger, more powerful, more conscious, and more loving.

Some Examples of How I m Creating Space:

1) I ve been practicing paying attention to my speech and choice of words because I m creating space to do more public speaking in the near future.

2) Yesterday I decided that it s okay to send business to one of my competitors occasionally. If someone needs the kind of coaching one of my competitors offers, why not send them that way and collect a referral fee? Then the client receives value and money exchanges hands that wouldn t have otherwise

3) Over the past 12 months, I ve managed to surround myself with all successful people across several different industries. Why? Because you ll know your station in life by the company you keep.


Another way to ‘Create Space’ is by suspending your judgments about a situation

…even if you feel strongly that you know what is happening. You see, the fact is, most of the time what we know about a situation is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and we’d really progress faster if we allowed more information to flow to us first.

This is especially true with difficult situations that appear negative and obviously NOT in our best interests.

With some time and more information, a silver lining often appears that shows us how we can actually BENEFIT by the very thing that seems to be pressing us down or attempting to take away our ability to succeed.

Learning to ‘Create Space’ can propel you toward your goals faster.

So that s what I have to say today about Creating Space for the New and Improved You.

I m interested in now hearing how YOU are creating space in your life this week.

Keith Matthew

P.S. – Creating Space is an important part of the success formula for embracing the lifestyle you want to experience.

But it s just that: a part or a piece of your life puzzle.

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