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Albie Steyn

First National Bank advertises itself with the motto How can we help you and when the answer is with my home loan FNB comes to the fore once again with fantastic and innovative new ways of not only getting the home loan you need but also helping you plan for your future. That s why FNB has developed Future Choice , a home loan solution that helps you to plan ahead.

The idea of Future Choice, an FNB home loan solution, is that you not only invest in property, but in yourself by creating a surplus amount that can be accessed at a later stage, it s all about using the available value in your home to your advantage. If your property increases in value you can use the additional finance to do with whatever your heart may desire. You could, for example, use it to travel overseas or even to pay for your children s education; the opportunities afforded to you are endless. If, however, your home has not increased in value the future choice amount can be used only for adding value to your home by, for example putting in a swimming pool or adding on an extra bedroom.

When you decide to take advantage of your surplus amount, you will first have to apply for approval via your bank s credit approval policy. Everything is made very simple thanks to First National Bank. All home loans taken out with FNB qualify for future choice so there s no unnecessary red tape and FNB staff are specifically trained to guide you through every step of the process.


This is how it works: if, for example, you take out a home loan for R400 000.00 (as this is the value of the home you wish to purchase) you will register a bond of R500 000.00, and the extra R100 000.00 is your future choice amount. Imagine the possibilities with an extra R100, 000.00 at your disposal.

There are so many benefits with future choice! As well as being highly cost effective (you only pay legal fees on the registered loan amount once, in doing so one saves endless amounts of money in the future); it is highly convenient; you save time as it s a once off home loan registration; and at the same time you gain great flexibility in terms of access to future cash. One of the biggest benefits to FNB s home loan solution is its affordability, every month repayment is made based not on the registered bond amount but on funds that have been paid out. First National Bank s home loan solution is progressive ; it gives you long-term security and also accessibility to your funds.

FNB also provides a unique and successful customer rewards programme, it s a programme which allows you to earn eBucks on your home loan. eBucks is a system that allows you access to an excellent and wide range of products and services, either telephonically or online, in joining the FNB family you are encouraged to apply for membership, with Future Choice your eBucks will be rewarded on your payout amount.

Contact your nearest FNB branch today and ask to speak to one their home loan consultants, they will be able to answer any of the other questions you may have and start you on your way to first home loan with confidence. If you have any other questions, or simply wish to start applying for a home loan straight away, contact the FNB branch nearest you immediately. There s a qualified home loan consultant just waiting to make your life easier.

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