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Why so many people shy away from having VoIP service in their homes is not a thing to ponder about because until now some of us do not even understand how internet phone service really works. The truth is if we could just look at the way VoIP phone systems are installed, we could easily understand how the system works. Besides, by just reading the simple instructions on VoIP installation you will realize how very simple installing the device could be. But why do we have to pursue VoIP service in the first place when we can already talk through landline phones? It is because of the tremendous amount you could save up by just using this very simple technology.

Actually, a VoIP phone system feels and looks like the standard landline phone service except that with VoIP, instead of using telephone cables your audio communications are routed over the internet. VoIP which means Voice over Internet Protocol is better known as internet phone service and with a gauged computer and a DSL router or high speed broadband, you can readily avail internet phone service. Some VoIP providers provide plans with unlimited local and long distance calls within the boundaries of the US with just about $25 a month. But other VoIP providers base their services with annual prepaid plans that can cost less than $200 annually, still the best savings compared to per minute calls on landline phone. Some people agreed that with VoIP, they can save an average of about $500 a year with their phone bills.


VoIP installation is fairly easy and all you have to do is to decide which VoIP service could very well give you the utmost service and benefits. When you have found your VoIP service provider, you can visit their website, sign in to their service and you will be contacted through your email or will be called by the company. When everything is settled, you can receive your VoIP phone system along with its adapter and an instruction manual.

The first step is to attach the phone system to your broadband or router. You do not need software or tools and some models are capable of operating on a plug and play mode. Just make sure you properly connect the ports or else your phone system will malfunction. After the system is properly hooked up, you can now dial the activation phone number as indicated in the manual and enter the activation code which the company may send you through your email. In no time, you will be chatting away using your own VoIP service system.

If you want to use more than one phone in your home but have only one port on your VoIP adapter you can use a cordless expandable phone system which automatically alert you when the primary phone is not answered. So an advice to those who want to use VoIP service, ask your internet service provider if they can provide you a system that can handle multiple cordless phones so that you can place your cordless handsets on any part of your house. VoIP adapters do not need telephone wires since it is hooked up on your router or modem. The only thing the adapter needs is an electrical outlet for its power supply.

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