What To Anticipate From An Orthodontics Treatment


Jenna Rivers

Congratulations on your decision to get orthodontic treatment for your teeth. Your smile is the primary thing that people will notice when they meet you. Not only does proper tooth alignment make your smile nicer, but so do straight teeth as these are both important to good dental health. Misaligned teeth can cause headaches and jaw pain and create other problems as we aged. Treating misaligned teeth will help prevent many problems later in life. The office worker can discuss payment plans and insurance matters with you. There should never be any reason to prevent treatment for misaligned teeth. There are treatment plans for young people as well as adults, and it is never too late to begin getting good oral health and a great smile.

You rphysician will discuss treatments with you and together, you will decide on the best treatment plan for your teeth. Impressions will be taken along pictures of your teeth and smile. These pictures and impressions will later showcase you what your teeth look liked when you began. When you are finished with your treatment, you may have impressions taken again for the making of a retainer. An impression is made by inserting molding materials into your mouth. The material will harden in a few minutes and a exact immitation of your teeth is made.


There are now few types of braces available, and the next step will depend on which type you are getting. Sometimes, a couple of teeth need to be removed before your start the procedure. This is especially true if you have a little mouth and large teeth. Your dentist can do this in the office with local pain medication, unless the teeth are molars and are particularly hard to remove.

If you are having traditional retainers, your brackets will go on next. You may notice an quick improvement in the look of your teeth as the braces can sometimes make your teeth look aligned the right away. You may experience some pain for a few days but over the counter medications can usually provide relief, like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. The pain is mild and may only result in soreness. Eating light foods for a few days is always recommended when new orthodontic treatment is begun or when braces are tightened. In addition, wax is available for covering brackets that may be disturbing you.

Your treatment plan will be finished before you know it along with a wonderful smile. If you are looking for a good doctor, there are great orthodontists out there. Well trained physicians of

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