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When you\’re organising a fun vacation, the final thing you wish to do is spend some time stressing about whether you\’ll get cheap airport parking without having to sacrifice on security. A standard question I get as a flight attendant is whether or not the passenger made the right choice with their parking, and what could they already have done better – often the answer will be to do some research first! I\’m just going to run through some different options along with their benefits and drawbacks.

Premium Parking

This can be a a different one in many airports, and to be perfectly honest it\’s not very dissimilar from long-stay parking, the primary difference being the position of the car park in relation to the airport. To the security conscious they have the advantages of among the best patrols available, CCTV and number plate recognition. Pre-booking is truly the only choice for parking here, so it\’s excellent for the obsessive traveller who needs to know what they\’re doing ahead of time, plus some websites could have deals in order to have cheap airport parking using the added security of premium.

Car Parking – Long Stay


The distance between the normal long stay parking and the airport is usually approximately a five minute walk, although it may be a lot longer, along with kids and heavy luggage it\’ll sure feel as if it. They mostly have CCTV and number plate recognition for your security, but for the paranoid traveller the largest benefit probably needs to be that you could park wherever you want and after that hold on your keys, preventing a rogue security guard taking your automobile for the ride (not really that they will, of course). Staying for a couple of days might be inordinately expensive, while a week might average out at merely over 10 each day, which I would count as cheap airport parking. Usually more time reaches a capped price if you find your flight delayed on the way back you won\’t realise you are paying extortionate amounts on return.

Don\’t make use ofthe Airport

Sometimes finding cheap airport parking can be quite a real hassle, in which case you might like to look further afield. If you would like park away from the airport you\’ll have to do lots of research – you don\’t desire to find somewhere super cheap to park only to discover that the fee for a taxi bumps it right up. You\’ll need to consider just how far in the terminal it can be and whether you\’ll need an alternative form of transport like a shuttle bus or even a taxi.\\Chances are that this costs less but be slightly further out of the terminal, even if this isn\’t always the case with a few particularly large airports where their own parking is fairly far off. It\’s important to note though, that the vast majority of these places would like to hold onto your keys while you\’re away – which might be good or bad, it depends to you.

Your Other Parking Options

If you\’re attending a huge airport, there might not be any cheap airport parking to choose from, in which case costs may be saved using a park and ride using a secure lot and regular shuttle bus service. If you\’re stressing about getting to your flight early enough, or needing to fight through website visitors to arrive, most airports have nearby hotels which let you store your automobile inside their lot whenever you stay overnight and you then can transfer or walk in at your convenience. Some airports provide whatever they prefer to call \”meet and greet parking\”, which can be really just like a valet service – you drive right up to the terminal itself and meet a driver which will then park the vehicle to suit your needs. It\’s an entirely hassle-free method to travel, and right after the journey your car will probably be waiting there for you personally because of that helpful driver. If time is far more of a concern for yourself than money, this can be the best option.

Public Transport

Sometimes, it may be best to stay away from the hassle of finding cheap airport parking altogether, and merely bite the bullet and acquire a taxi, lift or bus to the airport. Finding cheap airport parking before hand isn\’t too difficult, however if you leave it late you will probably find yourself hit with a hefty sum.

While many fliers would ideally have a very good-natured friend with lots of trunk space drive them straight up to the airport, this kind of deals often have a price – if you\’d rather do it yourself, get the way which seems easiest to you personally and keep your eye out for websites which have deals on cheap airport parking.

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