byAlma Abell

Americans are looking everywhere to find money to pay their bills. Recently they’ve learned that their gold, silver and platinum jewelry has value. Not as jewelry to be resold, but as scrap metal. Pawn shops and jewelers are competing for their business. If they don’t need a lot of money in a hurry they can start with broken chains and single earrings. This is jewelry that they no longer use, so they should use it to create some value. They have to be careful in deciding which gold buyers in OKC will get their business.

They should begin by monitoring the price of gold. There are websites that post the daily price for it. They should also buy a small scale so that they know how much each piece weighs. That will give them a good indication of their gold portfolio. It’s also a good idea to have the jewelry appraised. It would be a big disappointment to bring their jewelry to a Gold Buyer in OKC only to find out that it was gold-plated fashion jewelry. If a person was depending upon it to pay an car repair bill, they would need to find another source of income in a hurry.People should also go to reputable stores such as gold buyers in OKC. They have established a reputation over the years as a company that pays a fair price for all forms of gold. They have a staff of appraisers that will value a piece of jewelry and offer cash on the spot. Of course a person has the right to turn down the offer and leave the store. It pays a person to watch the gold trend carefully if they have a lot of gold jewelry, coins or watches. They can then decide for themselves, if they feel that a top in the market has been reached.

Another method is to use the gold as a bank account. When they have an unexpected expense like a prescription or need a winter coat, they can sell part of their collection. Because they’ve had each piece appraised they have some idea of its value to a gold buyer.