There is an exciting new age forum which is here to help you. Most forums only give people the opportunity to write stuff that appears on a message board, where others can read it and reply to it. This is great but it is limited. This exciting new site also has a directory where you or anyone can list your services and get clients Worldwide online – whether you be a therapist, new age healer, herbalist, nutritionist, palmist or even one of the many brand new and exciting opportunities that never appeared before such as the professional listener. Just think of it, you listen to your clients online, they tell you their grievances, problems, woes, upsets, what makes them angry, anything along those lines, but they pay you to hear them out, they pay you to help them let off steam and get someone to lets them rant on or explain how they feel. This is something which is totally different to any of the other usual services. Counsellors, therapists and psychics do not do this! They interrupt at the wrong time, they disagree, they may say the wrong thing, they may make the person feel worse. The person who hires the professional listener wants to know that you are on their side, you do not judge them or tell them they are wrong, you do not criticise or find fault in anyway. They cannot get this from their friends or their family, but if you do this job they can hopefully get it from you – as you are entitled to decide if you want them as a client just as they are entitled to decide if you are the person for them.

Where else can they get such a unique and helpful service? If they go to a minister he is bound to tell them they sinned or did wrong. He is bound to judge in some way, he may not understand at all. He may make them feel even more upset and angry than they already are. If a person goes to their friends the friends butt in, the friends are biased, they may like this woman’s boyfriend and tell her she was wrong to dump him simply because he flirted with a neighbour, they want an equal say, they want to interact with her not just listen. This does not always suit the person who is upset or confused.


If you ring a helpline you often get someone who is supposed to hear you out but who butts in and tells you that you are wrong – I know because it happened to me when I phoned one! I rang a well established large help line that is supposedly a listening ear for those in distress, those who are anxious and worried and when I told the person why I rang they started to criticise me. I felt far worse than ever. They can get away with this because they are volunteers who do not get paid. But the professional is far more concerned about saying the right thing or not speaking at the wrong time because they are a client and paying for the professional’s time.

If you visit the website you will find there is a lot of information about this golden opportunity. You can read it to your heart’s content with no obligation. You can list yourself with no obligation to take on anyone. You could end up getting a huge following of lots of people all over the World who rely on you and maybe recommend you to others. They will thank you and respect you but they will also pay you for your time and skills, as is only right. If it grows and you become very popular it could become very time consuming, you could end up with lots of clients, it could pay you so handsomely you do not need to do any other type of work and you have a lot of money coming in. People who help others should not be taken for granted, they should be rewarded, it is wrong to take them for granted.