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Awnings are wonderful addition to your porch, patios, or decks. Aside from the protection porch awnings offer, it also serves as a decoration and adds value to your house when it is installed. However, many people thought that installing awnings for their porch or decks is expensive. What they do not know is that porch awning installation does not require a huge amount of money to install.

If you are thinking of installing awnings for your home s porch, you should first decide what kind of style your porch awnings would be. There are fixed awnings if you want a permanent shade for your porch. Depending on the weather, there may be times that you want to just sit on different parts of your porch, patio or lawn. In this case, retractable porch awnings are best installed. These types of awnings can be relocated for use in different kinds of weather. Retractable awnings are also adjustable and come in manual or automatic operation. Manual operation means you just use your hands to open and shut the awnings while machine operated porch awnings are remote control adjustable. With simply pressing a button, you can open or shut the awnings even while inside your house. For avant-garde consumers, there are also awning models that have sensors, which can detect wind activity. If the wind is too strong for the awnings to handle, the sensor sends a command to the motor and the awning is automatically shut. These advanced models are more expensive compared to fixed and manually operated porch awnings, but are very serviceable for people who are frequently out of town or are not always at home.


If you have limited space between the gate and your home s door, you can install a canopy awning above your door. This will prevent water from entering your house when there s a heavy rainfall. Canopy awnings also serve as sun shades outside your door in any types of weather.

Porch awnings are great addition to your house, and allow you to control the weather. Awnings provide shade when its sunny and protection from rain and snow in winter or rainy days. It also add a touch of class in your porch or patio, as well as keeping the temperature cooler inside of your house in warm days. Fixed awning installation also protects furniture outside of your house, preventing rugs, carpets, and furniture from too much exposure from the sun, which can cause fading.

Whether it is porch or patio awnings, the set is highly adaptable to various kinds of structures. There are different kinds of awnings to match the color or motif of your house. Awnings also come in different materials including fabric, aluminum, corrugated polycarbonate or fiberglass, and other durable and long-lasting materials. If you are concern about the cost of installation and labor, you can also purchase awnings from a hardware store and make a do-it-yourself porch awning. DIY awnings allow you to become more constructive and creative in designing your own awnings for your home.

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